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Welcome to Cray Academy, the first Cardfight!! Vanguard RPG!
As the Forum Championship is underway smaller tourneys pop up to give you time to rush to quickly get some cc, and exp to level up, and level up your decks.
March 2023
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 Game Rules

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Vanguard reality battle system:
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PostSubject: Game Rules   Game Rules Icon_minitimeSat Nov 16, 2013 7:18 pm

Full credit goes to Sol Kage, the one who originally created this RPG and the one who wrote these rules.

Purpose: To enjoy a new twist on Vanguard, by combining RPG elements with the game. You'll earn Experience (XP) and CC (Cray Cash) to make yourself stronger, though you'll still have to learn to "play on a budget" as you won't always be able to get your "ideal" build.

Players start with a Trial Deck, any of the first four (Royal Paladin, Kagero, Nova Grappler and Oracle Think Tank) and 1,000 CC. At level 1, only Set 1 booster packs can be bought. Packs cost 100 CC each, and Trial Decks cost 500 CC each.

In order to level up, you have to participate in official game matches, which are tournaments or league matches.

The amount of XP you need to level up is equal to 100X your current level. The amount of XP you earn depends on how far you got in the tournament, as well as the level of that tournament.

When you level up, choose one of the following benefits:

- +25 more XP for winning or +5 more XP for losing in Cardfights
- +25 more CC earned for winning in Cardfights or participating in tournaments
- +1 point towards unlocking the next Set (2 points needed to unlock a Set)

When you reach a level that is a multiple of 5 (Level 5, 10, 15, etc.), instead of your usual level up bonus of either 1 Set Point, +25 XP or +25 CC, you will receive a bonus from all three categories instead.

Sets will be based on the Japanese format. EB's and Trial Decks will be unlocked automatically once you get to a certain set: EB01 will be unlocked after unlocking Set 4, EB02 will be unlocked after unlocking Set 5, EB03 will be unlocked after unlocking Set 6, and EB04-05 will be unlocked after unlocking Set 8. TD's 5-6 will be unlocked after unlocking Set 6, and TD 7 will be unlocked after unlocking Set 8.

This is an example of how much base CC and XP you would earn in a low level 4 round tournament:

1st Round Loss: Earn 100 CC, and 25 XP
2nd Round Loss: Earn 200 CC, and 50 XP
3rd Round Loss: Earn 300 CC, and 75 XP
Runner Up: Earn 400 CC, and 100 XP
Champion: Earn 500 CC, and 150 XP

Also, all players will earn 100 Base CC per week, on Wednesdays, as an "allowance." This IS increased by your CC bonuses from leveling up. The amount of CC you earn in a tournament does NOT increase for higher level tournaments, it only increases based on the amount of Rounds.

Players will be able to sell and trade their cards with other players, using CC. A new box of boosters will not be opened until the previous one is sold out.

Promo Cards will be given to players who participate in tournaments.

Tournaments have various Level structures. Your level must be within the levels stated to participate. Higher level tournaments net more XP, but the same amount of money as lower level tournaments.

Players start out in Card Capital. These feature the following tournaments:
Levels 1-5
Levels 6-10
Levels 11-15
Levels 1-15

Once you get to Level 16, you become an Intermediate level Card Fighter and advance to Card Shop Handsome.

Card Shop Handsome has the following tournaments:

Levels 16-20
Levels 21-25
Levels 26-30
Levels 16-30

Once you get to Level 31, you become an Expert Card Fighter and advance to Card Shop PSY.

Card Shop PSY has the following tournaments:

Levels 31-35
Levels 36-40
Levels 41-45
Levels 31-45

Tournaments after that will be designed as people get to them, but will follow the same 5-5-5-15 pattern.

Also, in each Card Shop Rank, is a League.  League play allows you to earn XP and CC even if you are having trouble getting into a Tournament.  League Play allows you to face someone in the League that you haven't fought yet once per day.  You will receive 25 base XP and 100 base CC for a win, and 5 XP and 20 CC for a loss (loss gains unaffected by CC bonuses).    If you have had a league match with 10 different people, you can go back and fight the first person, then after that you can fight the second person, and so on.

League matches can be witnessed by one of the Judges to make sure no rules are broken and to help record who won the fight. If the match is not witnessed by a Judge, the loser MUST confirm that they lost.

On weekends, players who win League Matches will receive an extra 25 XP and players who lose League Matches will receive an extra 5 XP.

The 3 players with the most wins at the end of the month will receive additional base CC as a prize, and then the League will reset itself, allowing you to face the same person again. These CC prizes ARE affected by CC bonuses. Prizes are as follows:

1st: 500 CC
2nd: 300 CC
3rd: 100 CC

Rules regarding Barcgal as a starter: If you only have access to Sets 1 and 2, then Barcgal is permitted to use as your Starting Vanguard. However, once you unlock Set 3, he is no longer allowed to be used as your Starting Vanguard.

This RPG will NOT follow Bushiroad's official restricted list.

Tournaments will have to be hosted by one of the Admins. Also, other forms of Tournaments can be made by the Admins, as long as their prize pool still balances out.

A Referral system. Whenever a new player joins, they can name someone who referred them to the RPG - once the new player has played in 3 league matches, the person who referred them gets a prize. The prize is 100cc per referred to player up to that point - aka, if its the first person you have referred, its 100cc, but for the second 200, and so on up to a max of 1000cc. When you recommend this site to someone, just tell them to either log into chat to refer you or to mention it when they ask for their TD.

Please note, if a player is found to be cheating by using cards that they do not have, they will be automatically disqualified from the match or tournament, with no prize awarded.  If the infraction is not noticed until after the first round of a tournament, then the person they beat will be re-instated into the tournament.

If you have two months without league or tournament games, you are considered inactive and your case deleted. If you know you will be going inactive but don't want your case deleted, please message me.

This game is played using BYOND's Cardfight Capital as a means to play it.  The link to download BYOND is here:

If you have any questions regarding how the game works, feel free to contact me.
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Posts : 784
Join date : 2013-03-03
Age : 25
Location : Australia

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Vanguard reality battle system:
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PostSubject: Re: Game Rules   Game Rules Icon_minitimeFri Nov 29, 2013 10:06 pm

Rule Change: Instead of needing to league fight 10 people before rematch, you now only have to fight 5. Also, you can not fight the same person more than 3 times a month.
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Game Rules
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