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Welcome to Cray Academy, the first Cardfight!! Vanguard RPG!
As the Forum Championship is underway smaller tourneys pop up to give you time to rush to quickly get some cc, and exp to level up, and level up your decks.
March 2023
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 Getting Started: BEGINNERS READ THIS!

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PostSubject: Getting Started: BEGINNERS READ THIS!   Getting Started: BEGINNERS READ THIS! Icon_minitimeSat Nov 16, 2013 7:57 pm

Credit goes to Sol Kage for originally creating this RPG and Xeamnz for writing this guide.

Cray Academy is a Cardfight!! Vanguard Role Playing Game. This forum is used to host the RPG and Cardfight Capital is used to play the actual game. If you wish to play this RPG, you must first download BYOND.

This RPG is all about progression and balance. You will have to work hard to improve your deck. You will start with nothing more than a Trial Deck and some Cray Cash which can be used to buy Trial Decks and Packs. You can only use the cards you have receives from these products.

Steps for joining the forum.

1. Read the rules

2. Choose a trial deck to start with.

3. You also start with 1000 CC, you may use this to purchase packs and trial decks. New players start with only BT01 and TD01-04 unlocked, so you can only buy those.

4. One of the admins will make your case and open your packs.

5. You are all set up! once you get more CC (or if you saved some) you will be able to buy more packs, and if you get more set points by leveling up you can unlock more later. Meanwhile, you can:

A) Enter tournaments!

B) Trade with other players!
Mostly talk on chat to find trades, but also people will have tradelists, as well as the official record of trades, on this page.

C) League Matches!
Read the rules page to learn about league matches. To find league matches, talk with people on chat, and afterwards the losing side (or a judge if one watched) should post it under the correct month on this page:
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