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Welcome to Cray Academy, the first Cardfight!! Vanguard RPG!
As the Forum Championship is underway smaller tourneys pop up to give you time to rush to quickly get some cc, and exp to level up, and level up your decks.
September 2019
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Level 2
XP: 10/200
CC: 320
Sets Unlocked: Set 1
XP Bonus: 25
CC Bonus: 0

Debts and Dues
IOU(s) for (King of Kings, Alfred) from Xeamnz

Card Case

Royal Paladin

Grade 0
1x Barcgal
1x Stardust Trumpeter
1x Future Knight, Llew
4x Bringer of Good Luck, Epona
5x Yggdrasil Maiden, Elaine
6x Weapons Dealer, Govannon
6x Flogal

Grade 1
1x Flash Shield, Isuelt
4x Knight of Rose, Morgana
4x Starlight Unicorn
4x Wingal
5x Little Sage, Marron
4x Lake Maiden, Lien

Grade 2
6x Covenant Knight, Randolf
3x Knight of the Harp, Tristan
4x Knight of Silence, Gallatin
1x Blaster Blade

Grade 3
1x King of Knights, Alfred
4x Crimson Butterly, Brigitte
1x Knight of Conviction, Bors
2x Solitary Knight, Gancelot


Grade 0
1x Dragon Dancer, Monica
1x Lizard Soldier, Ganlu
1x Dragon Monk, Genjo

Grade 1
1x Embodiment Of Armor, Bahr
1x Dragon Monk, Gojo
1x Wyvern Strike, Jarran

Grade 2
1x Dragon Knight, Nehalem
1x Wyvern Strike, Tejas

Nova Grappler

Grade 0
2x Shining Lady
1x Battleraizer
1x Lucky Girl
1x Ring Girl, Clara

Grade 1
1x Tough Boy
2x Screamin' and Dancin' Announcer, Shout

Grade 2
1x King Of Sword

Grade 3

Oracle Think Tank

Grade 0
0x Lozenge Magus
1x Dream Eater
2x Miracle Kid
1x Oracle Guardian, Nike

Grade 1
0x Luck Bird
0x Battle Sister, Maple
1x Weather Girl, Milk
0x Dark Cat
1x Oracle Guardian, Gemini

Grade 2
0x Sword Dancer Angel
0x Security Guardian
0x Oracle Guardian, Wiseman

Grade 3
0x Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya
0x Meteobreak Wizard
0x Oracle Guardian, Apollon

Grade 3


Grade 0

Grade 1

Grade 2

Grade 3


Grade 0
1x Ironclad Dragon, Shieldon

Grade 1
1x Sonic Noa

Grade 2
1x Assault Dragon, Blightops

Grade 3
1x Tyrant, Deathrex

Spike Brothers

Grade 0
1x Redshoe, Milly

Grade 1
2x Wonder Boy

Grade 2
2x Highspeed, Brakki

Grade 3
1x Juggernaut Maximum

Dark Irregulars

Grade 0
2x Rock the Wall

Grade 1
1x Nightmare Baby

Grade 2
2x Blue Dust

Grade 3
1x Demon Eater


Grade 0
1x Madame Mirage

Grade 1
2x Karma Queen

Grade 2

Grade 3


Grade 0
1x Stealth Beast, Hagakure

Grade 1

Grade 2
1x Stealth Beast, Chigasumi

Grade 3

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